A Guide to Korean Skin Care with Hallyu Cosmetics

By Rebecca Becerra

In recent years, Korean skincare has gained popularity across the globe due to its holistic approach to skincare. Many swear by the 10-step method, and sheet masks have become a regular item in most skincare stores. 

Having spent most of my teenage years in Seoul, I have been drawn to Korean cosmetics and skincare from an early age. My interest soon turned into a hobby, and whenever I was in Seoul, I would spend hours exploring different stores in Myeongdong, Hongdae, and Seodaemun. I enjoyed doing research into new brands and lines, writing personal reviews and keeping track of the ingredients that my skin liked and disliked. In more recent years, I have delved deeper into incorporating more cruelty-free and eco-friendly products into my routine. 

Since it opened, Hallyu Cosmetics has offered one of the widest varieties of Korean skincare products in the Houston area, and is a great place to locate hard-to-find brands. I’ve been a fan of their store from day one, and it has become my go-to destination for all of my skincare needs. 

Johnny C. Song, owner of Hallyu Cosmetics, immigrated to Houston from Korea at the age of four. Growing up in the Spring Branch area, his parents ran an apparel stores, which gave him familiarity with retail businesses. After his own personal journey with skincare and inspiration from a friend, he decided to open a Korean cosmetics store. Johnny strives to provide the Houston audience with clean Korean beauty products, getting away from brands that use too many fragrances and irritating chemicals. 

For Night Market, Asia Society partnered with Hallyu Cosmetics to help create a skincare routine, with tips for beginners and intermediate users, as well as those looking for an advanced routine. Whatever your age, it is never too late to start taking care of you skin! But it is best to ease your skin into incorporating new products, especially as you take the time to learn what works best for you. Remember, skincare is not “one size fits all,” even within the different skin profiles (oily, dry, and combination), each individual will have their own needs and skin concerns and sensitivities. 

Download the skincare routine PDF here!