Asian Soul Cuisine with a Vegan Twist!

By Jennifer Kapral

Starting at noon, drive by the intersection of Almeda and Wichita and you’ll see hungry Houstonians from all over the city lining up for BBQ lunch from Houston Sauce Pit. And why does the BBQ trailer garner such rave reviews and long lines? The food is 100% vegan, and takes great care in blending the cultures and flavors of Houston into its offerings. Chefs Courtney and Chastise Lindsay are the duo behind Houston Sauce Pit. They started their business in 2017 when Courtney launched his special hot sauce, and have since expanded into the Pit, a food truck, and their own storefront.  

I love digging into their Big Hot Chick’n Sammich or their massive baked potatoes, but the dishes I love the most are a fusion of Cajun and Asian culture, combining flavors and textures in unexpected ways. The Crunchy Boudain Sushi Roll with its crispy texture and mouth-watering sauces is a prime example. The deep-fried Cauliwings are one of the most popular items on the menu, and my favorite are the ones smothered in Courtney’s Asian Zang sauce. But, my favorite item in the menu that I will wait for over and over again, is the Bruce Leroy Combo. Delicious crispy vegan chick’n is paired with fried rice and a Boudain eggroll. A unique take on a classic combo; the meal is comforting yet new all at once.  

As a vegetarian, it’s such a treat to get to enjoy the seasonings of Cajun and Asian food combined in such a complementary and tasty way. I reached out to Courtney and Chastise to find out the inspiration behind the Bruce Leroy combo: 

“My wife and I are both vegans and one day we were reminiscing on how we used to eat Timmy Chans (a Houston staple) back in our college days. We got to brainstorming and decided on a way to put our own spin on their special. We decided to name it the Bruce Leroy (from Berry Gordy’s film, The Last Dragon) as a nod to the Asian influence in Black Culture. The dish, in the same way, gave us inspiration to create this delightful Asian soul cuisine.” — Courtney Lindsay

I love that this dish is connected to the couples’ personal experiences, their love of Houston, and their passion for connecting food and culture. I am excited to see what will be next for them as they continue to expand across Houston and beyond!