In Conversation with Stephanie Todd Wong & author of "The Total Nobody Who Ran for Office"

By Stephanie Todd Wong

2018 was the year that a record breaking 528 women ran for congress. Many of these women won their seats, including Ilhan Omar and AOC. ...Silky was not one of them. She ran though! In "The Total Nobody Who Ran for Office", Silky reflects on those critical moments in one's life when they step outside of their comfort zone, compete as an underdog, and challenge the traditional conventions of power... even if it means nearly dying from embarrassment. 

Join Director of Performing Arts and Culture, Stephanie Todd Wong as she speaks with Silky Malik regarding her book filled with stories like losing a best friend, gaining a #squad, making her mother cry, comforting herself with cold burritos, and learning important life lessons on confidence, friendship, and what it means to fight for change.