Starry Nite Arts Festival - All Virtual!

By Mei Qi

One of the things that most appeals to me about Asia Society is the diversity of our offerings: you can experience from business panels and policy discussions to musical and dance performances, architecture tours, and art exhibitions.

The connectivity to Houston’s AAPI community also dear to my heart, and the ability to partner with or amplify the work of local artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs.

This year's Starry Nite Arts Festival (December 1120, 2020) set up by the local OCA-Greater Houston partnership is a perfect epitome of that! The all-virtual festival “seeks to highlight and celebrate the diversity of AAPI Artists, Culture, and Community and to share the untold AAPI experience for the Greater Houston metropolitan area through a shared AAPI Community Space.”

From their website:

OCA-Greater Houston has been giving back to the community for years. This festival is a thank you to all the support and partnerships made throughout the years. We want to highlight the artists, youth, organizations, and businesses that supported the community by sharing their acts of giving.

…Back to the Community
…Up old habits
…Space for unheard voices
…Yourself time to heal


This year, their virtual festival features authors, artists, designers, musicians, dancers, and activists! See below for the full schedule of discussion and workshop topics.


Friday, December 11

7:00pm CT: Giving Back to the Community

Saturday, December 12

6:00pm CT: Giving Up Old Habits

Sunday, December 13

5:30pm CT: Origami

7:00pm CT: Healing through Walking Meditation with Amy Malkan

Monday, December 14

5:30pm CT: Manifesting Your Manuscript – The Dos and Don’ts of Telling Your Own Stories by Keshav Kant

7:00pm CT: What Is Gender to You? A Beginner’s Makeup & Gender Workshop by Jack Lam

Tuesday, December 15

5:00pm CT: How to Start – and Finish – a 365 Day Project with Cynthia Koo, Founder of Wonton in a Million

7:00pm CT: Live Reading + Q&A with Kao Kalia Yang

Wednesday, December 16

5:00pm CT: Acro Yoga with Thanh Hoang

630pm CT:  Healing through History – Building a Bridge between Religion, Spirituality and Wellness by Keshav Kant

7:30pm CT: Live Community Panel

Thursday, December 17

6:30pm CT: Locating the Self: Emotional Navigation through Journaling by Jess Song

Friday, December 18

7:00pm CT: Giving Space for Unheard Voices

Saturday, December 19

6:00pm CT: Giving Yourself Time to Heal

Sunday, December 20

1:00pm CT: PBS Asian Americans episodes 1-5


Starry Nite is also promoting some incredible AAPI artists and vendors in the community, including some fantastic businesses featured in our own Night Market. Check out the Starry Nite Arts Fest Marketplace for special promos!


Casa Indika


Lang's Dough Figurines

Magpie Jewelry Designs

NOBL Cushions

Stuffed Goodness by Mochillery

Tiny Sponge

OCA-Greater Houston Chapter is a volunteer driven organization of community advocates that strives to meet the current and evolving needs of a diverse population through a comprehensive continuum of programs targeting different life stages of AAPIs with a focus on developing advocacy, leadership, and civic engagement participation of AAPIs.